Bringing audience engagement to the next level!


Easy (to use) for participants and organizers. Just download the app and get started. As organizers you can manage your conference or event in only a few clicks.


Efficient (use of your resources). Achieve maximum productivity with minimum effort or expense.


Effective (engagement of participants). Increase the effectiveness of your event or conference by engaging your participants to the fullest.

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Web App

Web App access will be provided with any pricing plan below.



Join the conversation with a conference code provided by the organizers at your conference you are participating.


During your conference ask any questions. All questions will appear on the projector panel, for other participants to see. You can easily post your questions anonymously or with your name.


Vote on any questions showing up on the projector panel. The most popular question will appear at the top of the projector panel.


Participate on a survey prepared by your conference organizer and see the results on the projector panel in real time.

Administration Features

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Administrator panel

Manage your conference as you wish. Add your agenda. Create your sessions. Manage parallel Sessions. Create Surveys. Activate and deactivate Surveys. 

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Moderator Panel

Activate Surveys and Activate & Close Questions with a click of a button.  You can ensure the quality of questions posted by approving every question individually before being visible on the screen to the audience.

Projector Panel

Live display of top questions on the projector panel. Questions are sorted by vote count.